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Whoever uses a hydrocarbon propellant places trust in AERON®

The propellant industry influences the environment in different ways. We at SCHARR CPC are well aware of our ecological responsibilities and with AERON® we have developed a carburet hydrogen gas, which is not only odour-neutral and colourless, but has also proven itself as a particularly environmentally-acceptable propellant. In addition, AERON® is chemically stable, environmentally-friendly and above all, is absolutely non-toxic. AERON® can also be extended with desired mixed proportions according to a customer's individual needs and legal frameworks.

AERON® with a safe future.

In order to find a technically-safe and environmental concept against fire and danger of explosion, several special technologies have been carefully matched with each other for those plants used for storing and withdrawing AERON®, and thereby ensuring that the strictest of quality and environmental requirements are fulfilled.


safety data sheets: